Lucien Cartier-Tilet phundrak
  • Paris, France
  • GNU/Linux and Emacs enthusiast, amateur conlanger and linguist, CS student. [fr,en]

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Everything to get a working desktop with my config. Lots of Emacs stuff though, and lots of org-mode tangling.

Updated 8 hours ago

My conlanging website, powered by orgmode and Vuepress!

Updated 3 days ago

Repository for my main website

Updated 3 weeks ago

Output gemini formatted documents from org-mode

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 3 months ago

Angular project made while learning Angular on Udemy

Updated 3 months ago

Source code for my linguistics website.

Updated 3 months ago

GraphQL backend for a multimedia dictionary

Updated 4 months ago

Source code of my Hugo blog written in org-mode.

Updated 5 months ago

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Updated 5 months ago

Dead Simple PlainText Links

Updated 8 months ago

Updated 9 months ago

Updated 10 months ago

An Appwrite server SDK for Emacs

Updated 11 months ago