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Advent of Code 2022 in Uiua

This repository is my attempt at solving the Advent of Code of 2022 in Uiua, an array-oriented and stack-based programming laguage. Im a tad late for this event (I created this repository on November 10th 2023), but hey, at least Im sort of trying?

All programs reside within their own file that are self-sufficient. I may have modified a bit the input format to fit Uiuas formatting, but other than that, I havent preprocessed anything.

All programs have been tested on Uiuas website. Unless I specifically mention in comments a program does not work, they should all work.

Dont take this repository as me showing how to properly use Uiua, Im still very much a beginner at that language.

All code is under the GPL-3.0 repository, see the license file.