Everything to get a working desktop with my config. Lots of Emacs stuff though, and lots of org-mode tangling. https://config.phundrak.com
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Phundrak’s dotfiles


This repository is where I keep most of my configuration files. With what is stored here, anyone can recreate a working desktop configuration similar to my daily one.

My dotfiles are managed by yadm, and although I don’t use its alternate files features (which is pretty neat btw), it allows me to painlessly manage my dotfiles right where they are and not in a separate Git repository somewhere with everything symlinked. Another advantage of yadm is it will automatically execute (with your authorization, of course) my homemade bootstrap when my dotfiles are cloned through yadm.

Where’s the config file for X?

As you may have noticed, I am striving for a 100% amount of configuration files exported from Org files, that is, through literary programming. This is still very much a work in progress though. Most of what you need can be found in my index.org file and in its folder.

Some more info please?

Everything you need to know is in my /phundrak/dotfiles/src/branch/master/org/config folder, and my Org files are also available in web format on my website config.phundrak.com.

Neat, what’s the license?

All of my dotfiles (and my dotfiles only) are available under the GNU GPLv3 Licence. Please consult /phundrak/dotfiles/src/branch/master/LICENCE.md for more information. In short: you are free to access, edit and redistribute all of my dotfiles under the same licence and as allowed by the licence, and if you fuck up something, it’s your own responsibility.