Everything to get a working desktop with my config. Lots of Emacs stuff though, and lots of org-mode tangling. https://config.phundrak.com
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Lucien Cartier-Tilet 4131c70a1c
[Qutebrowser] Fix conflicting keybinds
2 weeks ago
bat [bat] Add bat config 9 months ago
fish/functions Fixed rainymood fish function 2 years ago
kitty [Kitty] Keybinds update 2 weeks ago
mpv [mpv] Add keybinding for rotating videos 6 months ago
ncmpcpp [Ncmpcpp] Remove unused file 3 weeks ago
qutebrowser [Qutebrowser] Fix conflicting keybinds 2 weeks ago
rofi [Rofi] Fix warning message 4 months ago
sxiv/exec [sxiv] Add shotcut to copy a single image 8 months ago
tmux@1f91646af1 [Emacs] Add doc, config, reorganize code, update org-mode sources 6 months ago
yadm [Encrypted] Add an encrypted file, update encrypted files 2 months ago
yay [yay] Avoid sudo timeout 11 months ago
zathura [Zathura] reorganize keybindings 11 months ago
mimeapps.list [Mimeapps] Update mimeapps 10 months ago