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Pumo System Info


pumo-system-info is a cli utility designed to output in the terminal system information. This includes:

  • the OS’ name
  • the OS’ kernel version
  • the system’s name
  • the current uptime
  • the system’s current RAM usage
  • the system’s current swap usage
  • the system’s current partition usage

What does “Pumo” mean?

It’s my cat’s name.

Build the project

From cargo

You can build the project by running the following command:

cargo build --release

If you want to directly run it, you can instead execute the following command:

cargo run --release

If you want, you can also skip all these steps and install it in $HOME/.cargo/bin with the following command:

cargo install --path .

Ensure $HOME/.cargo/bin is in your $PATH, then simply run pumo-system-info.


A PKGBUILD is made available in the /phundrak/pumo-system-info/src/branch/main/archlinux directory so you can install pumo-system-info as a native Arch package. To use it, run the following commands:

cd archlinux/
makepkg -si


pumo-system-info is under the GPL-3.0 license. You can either read a tl;dr of the license or the full legal text.