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archwiki.el is a utility for navigating the Arch Wiki from Emacs. It is strongly advised for users of ArchLinux and ArchLinux derivates to install the arch-wiki-docs package1.

This package is geared towards ArchLinux in particular, but any Linux distribution that has a local copy of the Arch Wiki can be compatible with this package.


As mentioned above, you will absolutely need a local copy of the Arch Wiki available to Emacs. You can install the arch-wiki-docs package if you are running ArchLinux or a derivate Linux distribution (ArcoLinux, ArchCraft, Manjaro,…), or refer to the readme of its repository.

A couple of options are available for installing archwiki.el. The first one is to clone the repository in your load-path and add the following to your .emacs or your init.el:

  (require 'archwiki)

In my case, I prefer using use-package with straight:

  (use-package eshell-info-banner
    :ensure t
    :defer t
    :straight (archwiki :type git
                        :host nil
                        :repo ""))

I personally also added :build t in the straight recipe to ensure Emacs compiles my package, both to .elc and .eln files (I am on Emacs 28.0, feature/native-comp got merged into master!)

There is probably a similar way to install it with pure straight.el or quelpa, but Im not knowledgable enough for that, feel free to create a PR to add some more installation instructions!

There is currently no plans of making this package available on MELPA or non-gnu elpa.


A couple of variables can be edited by the user in order to configure archwiki.el:

Where your local copy of the Arch Wiki is located. Default value: "/usr/share/doc/arch-wiki/html/en/"
If non nil, use the Emacs Web Wowser for viewing the Arch Wiki pages, otherwise use an external program. Default value: t
External program to use to view the Arch Wiki pages. If the value is nil or an empty string, or if the executable cannot be found by Emacs, use xdg-open, otherwise use this program. This can be a path to an executable or the name of an executable available on your $PATH. Default value: ""


archwiki.el is available under the GNU GPL-3.0 license. You can find the full text in