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TranslAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtor is a meme bot inspired by the subreddit r/AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. What it does is translate a sentence given to it by replacing all characters (except whitespace) into As. Thats it. Thats literally it.


The only dependency of translAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtor is which powers the bot itself.


Maybe you do not want to build the bot itself, but instead you just want to invite it on your server? I got you covered! You can invite the official instance of TranslAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtor by clicking here!

Be aware though that I cannot ensure 24/7 uptime of TranslAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtor. If you notice it is down, shoot me a tweet (faster), a DM (fast, P'undrak#0001) or an email (slower).

Running the project

First, you will need docker and docker-compose installed on your machine. If they arent installed yet, go check Dockers or your distros instruction on how to get them.

To Run This Project, you will only need the docker-compose.yml file from this repository. You can get it by running the following command on your machine:

  wget -c

Or you can clone the whole project if you wish.

Due to obvious security reasons, I am not giving away the token of my bot in the source code, and you should not either. This is why this project will try to get it from your environment variables. To do so, edit the docker-compose file to add the environment key `BOT_TOKEN`, like so:

  version: '3'
      image: phundrak/translaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaator:latest
      command: python
        - BOT_TOKEN=yourtoken

You can now run the project within a contained environment by running the following command:

  docker-compose up

If you wish to have it detached from your terminal, you can add the `-d` switch to the command:

  docker-compose up -d

And thats it! Your bot should be up and running once your container is built, which happens only the first time you launch it. If you want to stop TranslAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtor, simply hit Ctrl-c in your terminal if you havent detached the process, or run docker-compose down if you did.


This project is under the free GPLv3 licence. You can find the complete licence in /phundrak/TranslAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtor/src/branch/master/


Submit a pull request, and Ill review it when Ill have time to (this is not a project I will pour a lot of efforts into). Simply be aware that Id prefer it if your code is written with meaningful variables (I should fix that), comments (I should fix that), and be aware that readability is above all. Also, dont be an asshole (thats the projects Code of Conduct for yall).