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This simple crates allows developers to enable ANSI escape characters in Windows’ console, be it CMD or PowerShell. Its usage is very simple, as shown below:

extern crate output_vt100;

fn main() {
    println!("\x1b[31mThis text is red!\x1b[0m");

If you wish to ensure the output_vt100::init() function is only ran once, you can use the crate ctor. Be aware though it might not be suited for every use case, as explained on the crate’s presentation.

extern crate output_vt100;
extern crate ctor;
use ctor::*;

fn init_term() {

fn main() {
    println!("\x1b[31mThis text is red!\x1b[0m");

Not that init panics on error, if you do not wish to panic, use
output_vt100::try_init which returns a Result<(), ()>


A big thank you to nbouteme who helped me a lot during the development of this create.