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LangEvolve-rs is a Rust rewrite of the original LangEvolve project written by Ceronyon. This tool is a conlanging tool used to apply sound change rules on words or text.

Differences with the original project

The main difference with the main project resides in its settings format: while the original project only supports the JSON format, this project supports both the JSON and the Yaml formats. The settings are also represented differently in JSON between the original project and this one. Lastly, the regex crate used in this project does not allow certain expressions, such as look-ahead and look-behind searches, and backreferences. To get a better idea of what I am talking about, here is the example json given by the original project for Latin to Portugese:

    "version" : "1",
    "categories" : {
      "V" : "aeiou",
      "L" : "āēīōū",
      "C" : "ptcqbdgmnlrhs",
      "F" : "ie",
      "B" : "ou",
      "S" : "ptc",
      "Z" : "bdg"
    "rules" : [
      { "[sm]$" : "" },
      { "i(%V)" : "j\\1" },
      { "%L" : "%V" },
      { "(%Vr)e$" : "\\1" },
      { "(%V)v(%V)" : "\\1\\2" },
      { "u$" : "o" },
      { "gn" : "nh" },
      { "(%V)p(?=%V)" : "\\1b" },
      { "(%V)t(?=%V)" : "\\1d" },
      { "(%V)c(?=%V)" : "\\1g" },
      { "(%F)ct" : "\\1it" },
      { "(%B)ct" : "\\1ut" },
      { "(%V)pt" : "\\1t" },
      { "ii" : "i" },
      { "(%C)er(%V)" : "\\1r\\2" },
      { "lj" : "lh" }

And here is the JSON generated by this project (beautified, the original is on one line only without unnecessary whitespace):

      "version": "1",
      "categories": {
          "B": "ou",
          "C": "ptcqbdgmnlrhs",
          "F": "ie",
          "Z": "bgd",
          "L": "āēīōū",
          "S": "ptc",
          "V": "aeiou"
      "rules": {
          "(?P<b>%B)ct": "$but",
          "(?P<b>%V)t(?P<a>%V)": "$bd$a",
          "u$": "o",
          "(?P<b>%V)c(?P<a>%V)": "$bg$a",
          "(?P<b>%V)v(?P<a>%V)": "$b$a",
          "gn": "nh",
          "ii": "i",
          "(?P<f>%F)ct": "$fit",
          "i(?P<v>%V)": "j$v",
          "(?P<b>%V)p(?P<a>%V)": "$vb$a",
          "(?P<v>%Vr)e$": "$v",
          "lj": "lh",
          "[sm]$": "",
          "%L": "%V",
          "(?P<v>%V)pt": "$vt",
          "(?P<c>%C)er(?P<v>%V)": "$cr$v"

By the way, here is the Yaml equivalent generated by this project:

  version: "1"
    Z: bgd
    S: ptc
    V: aeiou
    F: ie
    L: āēīōū
    B: ou
    C: ptcqbdgmnlrhs
    "%L": "%V"
    (?P<b>%V)v(?P<a>%V): $b$a
    u$: o
    "[sm]$": ""
    gn: nh
    (?P<f>%F)ct: $fit
    (?P<b>%V)p(?P<a>%V): $vb$a
    ii: i
    (?P<c>%C)er(?P<v>%V): $cr$v
    lj: lh
    (?P<v>%Vr)e$: $v
    (?P<b>%V)c(?P<a>%V): $bg$a
    (?P<b>%B)ct: $but
    i(?P<v>%V): j$v
    (?P<b>%V)t(?P<a>%V): $bd$a
    (?P<v>%V)pt: $vt

You can find more information on how to use regular expressions with this project in the documentation of the regex crate here.


LangEvolveRs is licensed under the AGPLv3 license. The full license can be found here.