Everything to get a working desktop with my config. Lots of Emacs stuff though, and lots of org-mode tangling. https://config.phundrak.com
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Lucien Cartier-Tilet ff045fdc3a
[Emacs] Fix issue with forge bindins, prefer csetq to setq
2 days ago
Deprecated [StumpWM] Move xinitrc files to their respective .org file 7 months ago
WIP [Neofetch] Move neofetch config out of WIP, add image backend 1 year ago
img [StumpWM] Change direction powerline in mode-line, update screenshot 7 months ago
.dir-locals.el [Emacs] Activate writeroom-mode for text, org, and markdown modes 5 months ago
LICENSE.md better org files, updated installation packages 2 years ago
bin.org [Bin] update cache of elisp function 1 week ago
bootstrap.org [Bootstrap] Correct font for StumpWM 2 months ago
desktop.org [Misc] Move files to XDG user dirs 4 weeks ago
emacs.org [Emacs] Fix issue with forge bindins, prefer csetq to setq 2 days ago
fish.org [Fish] Add local node_module’s bin to path 2 days ago
headers [Meta, Org] Update Matomo script to reflect server changes 3 months ago
headers.tex [Org, LaTeX] Add headers for LaTeX export 11 months ago
index.org [paru] Add mkdir directive for paru config 2 months ago
mpd.org [Org files] Fix headers path for CD export 8 months ago
neofetch.org [Org files] Fix org-lint issues 5 months ago
picom.org [Org files] Fix org-lint issues 5 months ago
rustfmt.org [Org, Emacs] Do not add spaces in front of code in src blocks 9 months ago
sitemap.org [Tmux] Remove Tmux submodule and config 4 weeks ago
stumpwm.org [StumpWM] Register AltGr key 1 month ago