Everything to get a working desktop with my config. Lots of Emacs stuff though, and lots of org-mode tangling. https://config.phundrak.com
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[submodule ".config/tmux"]
path = .config/tmux
url = https://github.com/gpakosz/.tmux.git
[submodule ".config/emacs/private/conlanging"]
path = fromGIT/emacs-packages/conlanging
url = https://labs.phundrak.com/phundrak/conlang-layer
[submodule ".mozilla/firefox/lruehqec.default/chrome"]
path = fromGIT/blurredfox-nord
url = [email protected]:phundrak/blurredfox-nord.git
[submodule ".emacs.d"]
path = .emacs.d
url = [email protected]:plexus/chemacs2.git
[submodule ".emacs.doom"]
path = .emacs.doom
url = [email protected]:hlissner/doom-emacs.git