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;;; conlanging.el --- Helper functions for conlanging -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Author: Lucien Cartier-Tilet
;; Maintainer: Lucien Cartier-Tilet
;; Version: 0.1.0
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "24") (org "9") (eieio "1"))
;; Homepage:
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs
;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This package is not made in order to be used by a lot of people.
;; Actually, it is made only for me. As such, there is no chance to
;; find it on any ELPA or MELPA.
;; Functions and variables in this package are just helpers for myself
;; in order to write more easily the documentation on my conlangs.
;; This includes stuff such as automatic generation of text in
;; non-latin scripts or LaTeX-specific text from transliterated text,
;; graphviz trees for some stuff like syntax and feature trees, and
;; finally functions for creating automatic phonetics of a language a
;; tad complex when it comes to its pronunciation.
;;; Code:
(require 'org)
(require 'ox)
(require 'seq)
(require 'eieio)
; Tree generation ;
(defun conlanging--declare-node (t-node-text t-node-generation)
"Declares a node in the graphviz source code.
The nodes identifier will be `T-NODE-GENERATION', and it will
bear the label `T-NODE-TEXT'."
(format "%d[label=\"%s\"];"
(defun conlanging--declare-node-for-list (t-name t-label)
(format "\"%s\"[label=\"%s\"];"
(defun conlanging-list-to-graphviz (t-list &optional t-previous-node)
((null t-previous-node)
(let* ((list (car t-list))
(label (car list))
(label-name (concat label "-" (org-id-time-to-b36))))
(concat "graph{graph[dpi=300,bgcolor=\"transparent\"];node[shape=plaintext];"
(conlanging--declare-node-for-list label-name label)
(conlanging-list-to-graphviz (cdadr list) label-name)
((null t-list) "")
((listp t-list)
(let* ((graph-str ""))
(dolist (elem t-list graph-str)
(let* ((label (car elem))
(label-name (concat label "-" (org-id-time-to-b36))))
(setf graph-str
(format "%s%s\"%s\"--\"%s\";%s"
(conlanging--declare-node-for-list label-name label)
(conlanging-list-to-graphviz (cdadr elem)
(defun conlanging-tree-to-dot (t-tree &optional t-current-generation t-previous-generation)
"Translate an Elisp tree into a graphviz tree.
Translate `T-TREE' with any number of children per node
to a corresponding graphviz file that can be executed from dot.
`T-CURRENT-GENERATION' represents the generation number,
incremented when changing from a node to another node from the
same generation, multiplied by 10 when going from a node to one
of its children. For internal use only.
`T-PREVIOUS-GENERATION' is the generation number from previous
named node. For internal use only."
((null t-previous-generation) ;; first call
(concat "graph{graph[dpi=300];node[shape=plaintext];graph[bgcolor=\"transparent\"];"
(conlanging--declare-node (car t-tree) 0)
(conlanging-tree-to-dot (cdr t-tree) 1 0)
((null t-tree) "") ;; last call in this branch
((atom (car t-tree)) ;; '("text" () () ()) manage the label
(concat (conlanging--declare-node (car t-tree)
;; make link
(concat (number-to-string t-previous-generation) " -- "
(number-to-string t-current-generation) ";")
(conlanging-tree-to-dot (cdr t-tree)
(+ 1
(* 10 t-current-generation))
((listp (car t-tree)) ;; '(() () ()) manage the branches
(concat (conlanging-tree-to-dot (car t-tree) ;; child of current node
(conlanging-tree-to-dot (cdr t-tree)
(+ 1 t-current-generation)
; Text transformation ;
; Mattér ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; dead conlang ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defvar conlanging--matter-latin-to-runes '((", *" . "")
("\\. *" . "")
(" +" . "")
("ċ" . "")
("ch" . "")
("ae" . "")
("æ" . "")
("dh" . "")
("z" . "")
("ð" . "")
("th" . "")
("s" . "")
("þ" . "")
("w" . "")
("ƿ" . "")
("g" . "")
("" . "")
("ea" . "")
("f" . "")
("u" . "")
("o" . "")
("r" . "")
("c" . "")
("h" . "")
("n" . "")
("i" . "")
("j" . "")
("p" . "")
("v" . "")
("t" . "")
("b" . "")
("e" . "")
("m" . "")
("l" . "")
("d" . "")
("é" . "")
("a" . "")
("y" . ""))
"Equivalence between the Mattér Latin and Runic scripts.
The first element of a pair is the Latin script orthography, the
second is the Runic equivalent.")
(defvar conlanging--matter-latin-to-native '((" +" . " ")
("ch" . "ċ")
("ae" . "æ")
("th" . "þ")
("s" . "þ")
("dh" . "ð")
("z" . "ð")
("w" . "ƿ")
("j" . "i"))
"Equivalence between Mattér orthography and transliterated Mattér.
The first element of a pair is the transliterated Latin script
orthography, the second is the native Latin script equivalent.")
(defvar conlanging--matter-latin-to-latex '((", *" . ":")
("\\. *" . "*")
(" +" . ".")
("ch" . "I")
("ċ" . "I")
("ae" . "æ")
("ea" . "\\\\ea")
("ƿ" . "w")
("dh" . "s")
("z" . "s")
("ð" . "s")
("th" . "þ")
("s" . "þ")
("v" . "\\\\ng")
("é " . "\\\\oe"))
"Mattér orthography to LaTeX code.
Equivalence between the Mattér orthography in the Latin script
and the LaTeX code for the Runic script. The first element of a
pair is the Latin script orthography, the second is the Runic
LaTeX code equivalent.")
; Eittlandic ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defvar conlanging--eittlandic-latin-to-latex '((", *\\|\\. *" . "\\\\tripledot")
(" +" . ":")
("hv" . "x")
("í" . "i")
("é" . "\\\\e")
("ę\\" . "æ")
("ý" . "y")
("œ" . "ø")
("ú" . "u")
("ó" . "o")
("á\\" . "a")
("j" . "i"))
"Eittlandic Latin script to LaTeX code.
The first element of a pair is the Latin script orthography, the
second is the Runic LaTeX code equivalent.")
(defvar conlanging--eittlandic-latin-to-runes '((", *\\|\\. *" . "")
(" +\\|:" . "")
("hv" . "")
("i\\\\|j" . "")
("é" . "")
("e\\\\" . "")
("y\\" . "")
("ø\\" . "")
("u\\\\|v\\|w" . "")
("o\\" . "")
("a\\\\" . "")
("p" . "")
("b" . "")
("f" . "")
("t" . "")
("d" . "")
("þ" . "")
("ð" . "")
("s" . "")
("k" . "")
("g" . "")
("h" . "")
("m" . "")
("n" . "")
("r" . "")
("l" . ""))
"Eittlandic latin orthography to runes.
The first element of a pair is the Latin script orthography, the
second is the Runic equivalent.")
(defvar conlanging-language-list `((matter-runes . ,conlanging--matter-latin-to-runes)
(matter-latin . ,conlanging--matter-latin-to-native)
(matter-latex . ,conlanging--matter-latin-to-latex)
(eittlandic-runes . ,conlanging--eittlandic-latin-to-runes)
(eittlandic-latex . ,conlanging--eittlandic-latin-to-latex)))
(defun conlanging--translate (text table)
"Translate TEXT through its correspondance TABLE."
(let ((rune-table (cdr (assoc table conlanging-language-list))))
(dolist (elem rune-table text)
(setq text (replace-regexp-in-string (car elem) (cdr elem) text)))))
(defun conlanging--replace-region-by-translation (table)
"Replace region with its translation through TABLE.
See `conlanging--translate'."
(let* ((beg (region-beginning))
(end (region-end))
(region-str (buffer-substring-no-properties beg end)))
(delete-region beg end)
(goto-char beg)
(insert (conlanging--translate region-str table))))
(defun conlanging-language-to-script (text language)
"Transform TEXT or current word or region in LANGUAGE to its native script.
LANGUAGE can be one of the values found in `conlanging-language-list'."
(let* ((table (alist-get language conlanging-language-list)))
(conlanging--translate text table)))
(defun conlanging-to-org-runes (text language)
"Translate TEXT from LANGUAGE to LaTeX runes equivalent for org exports.
LANGUAGE must be one of the following values:
- `matter'
- `eittlandic'"
(if (org-export-derived-backend-p org-export-current-backend 'latex)
(format "\\textarm{%s}" (conlanging--translate text
(pcase language
('eittlandic 'eittlandic-latex)
('matter 'matter-latex)
(otherwise (error "Option \"%s\" not supported" otherwise)))))
(conlanging--translate text
(pcase language
('eittlandic 'eittlandic-runes)
('matter 'matter-runes)
(otherwise (error "Option \"%s\" not supported" otherwise))))))
; Text to phonetics ;
(defclass conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme nil
((grapheme :initarg :grapheme
:type string
:documentation "The way the phoneme is written.")
(is-consonant :initarg :is-consonant
:initform nil
:type boolean)
(is-dorsal :initarg :is-dorsal
:initform nil
:type boolean)
(phoneme :initarg :phoneme
:type string
:documentation "Default pronunciation.")
(alt-phoneme :initarg :alt-phoneme
:initform ""
:type string
:documentation "Alternative pronunciation. For consonants only."))
"Representation of a Proto-Ñyqy phoneme.")
(defvar conlanging--proto-nyqy-phonetics
`(,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "q" :is-consonant t :is-dorsal t :phoneme "q" :alt-phoneme "ħ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "g" :is-consonant t :is-dorsal t :phoneme "ɢ" :alt-phoneme "ʢ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "ñ" :is-consonant t :is-dorsal t :phoneme "ɴ" :alt-phoneme "m")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "c" :is-consonant t :is-dorsal t :phoneme "c" :alt-phoneme "ɬ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "j" :is-consonant t :is-dorsal t :phoneme "ɟ" :alt-phoneme "ɮ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "w" :is-consonant t :is-dorsal t :phoneme "w" :alt-phoneme "l")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "p" :is-consonant t :phoneme "χ" :alt-phoneme "p")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "b" :is-consonant t :phoneme "ʁ" :alt-phoneme "b")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "m" :is-consonant t :phoneme "ʀ" :alt-phoneme "m")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "n" :is-consonant t :phoneme "j" :alt-phoneme "n")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "s" :is-consonant t :phoneme "x" :alt-phoneme "s")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "z" :is-consonant t :phoneme "ɣ" :alt-phoneme "z")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "y" :phoneme "y")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "ú" :phoneme "u")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "i" :phoneme "ɪ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "u" :phoneme "ʊ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "ø" :phoneme "ø")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "œ" :phoneme "ɤ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "e" :phoneme "ɛ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "o" :phoneme "ɔ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme " " :phoneme " ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "," :phoneme " ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme ";" :phoneme " ")
,(conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme :grapheme "." :phoneme " "))
"List of Ñyqy characters and their phonetics equivalent.
See `conlanging--proto-nyqy-phoneme'.")
(defun conlanging-proto-nyqy-to-phonetics (text)
"Return the phonetic equivalent of Proto-Ñyqy TEXT."
(let ((text (split-string (downcase text) "" t))
(phonetics "")
(dorsal 'undefined))
(dolist (grapheme text)
(let* ((cur-phoneme (seq-find (lambda (elem)
(equal (oref elem :grapheme)
(when cur-phoneme
(if (oref cur-phoneme :is-consonant)
(when (eq dorsal 'undefined)
(setq dorsal (oref cur-phoneme :is-dorsal)))
(setq phonetics (concat phonetics
(if dorsal
(oref cur-phoneme :phoneme)
(oref cur-phoneme :alt-phoneme))))
(setq dorsal (not dorsal)))
(setq phonetics (concat phonetics (oref cur-phoneme :phoneme)))))))
(defun conlanging-proto-nyqy-to-org (text)
"Return phonetic equivalent of TEXT for `org-mode' LaTeX and HTML exports.
Text is formatted as either LaTeX code or HTML code for their respective exports."
(let ((phonetics (conlanging-proto-nyqy-to-phonetics text)))
(format (concat "@@html:<span class=\"tooltip\"><i>%s</i><span class=\"tooltiptext\">/%s/</span></span>@@"
"@@latex:\\textit{%s} (/%s/)@@")
(provide 'conlanging)
;;; conlanging.el ends here