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#+TITLE: Conlanging layer
#+author: Lucien “P’undrak” Cartier-Tilet
#+AUTHOR: Lucien “P’undrak” Cartier-Tilet
#+PROPERTY: header-args :noweb yes :exports code
#+PROPERTY: header-args:dot :tangle no :exports code
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- [[#features][Features]]
- [[#graphviz-trees][Graphviz trees]]
- [[#install][Install]]
- [[#key-bindings][Key bindings]]
- [[#licence][Licence]]
- [[#documentation][Documentation]]
- [[#functionalities][Functionalities]]
- [[#graphviz-trees-generation][Graphviz trees generation]]
* Description
This layer adds features for conlanging.
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You can then reload your configuration file with ~SPC f e R~, or restart Emacs
with ~SPC q r~ or ~SPC q R~.
* Key bindings
| Key Binding | Description |
| ~SPC m l e l~ | (org-mode only) Translate Eittlandic transliteration into LaTeX runes |
| ~SPC m l e r~ | (org-mode only) Translate Eittlandic transliteration into runes |
| ~SPC m l m L~ | (org-mode only) Translate Mattér transliteration into LaTeX runes |
| ~SPC m l m l~ | (org-mode only) Translate Mattér transliteration into native latin |
| ~SPC m l m r~ | (org-mode only) Translate Mattér transliteration into runes |
| ~SPC o l e o~ | Open Eittlandic file |
| ~SPC o l h o~ | Open Hjelp file |
| ~SPC o l m o~ | Open Mattér file |
| ~SPC o l n o~ | Open Proto-Ñyqy file |
| ~SPC o l o~ | Open the working conlanging directory |
| ~SPC o l O~ | Open the root conlanging directory |
| ~SPC o l t o~ | Open Proto-Tãso file |
* Licence
All the code included in this repository is licensed under the GPLv3 license.
See [[file:LICENCE]].
* Documentation
The following is the documentation of the source code of the ~conlanging~
layer. It is divided in two main parts, describing the two main files of the
layer: ~funcs.el~ and ~keybindings.el~. First of all, let’s simply describe
the ~layer.el~ file.
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle layers.el
(configuration-layer/declare-layer 'conlanging)
And that’s enough for the ~layer.el~ file! Now, onto the ~funcs.el~ file.
** Functionalities
:HEADER-ARGS: :tangle funcs.el
Here will be detailed the functionalities of the ~conlanging~ layer. It can
be divided in several parts.
*** Graphviz trees generation
As described above, it is possible to create graphviz trees from Elisp trees
made from lists. This feature is coded in two functions: one that creates
the tree itself, and one that generates nodes. The first one that generates
nodes is declared as a private function (actually, it’s just prefixed with
~conlanging//~ following Spacemacs’ [[][naming convention]]).
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
(defun conlanging//declare-node (t-node-text t-node-generation)
"Declares a node in the graphviz source code. The node’s identifier will be
`t-node-generation', and it will bear the label `t-node-text'."
(format "%d[label=\"%s\"];" t-node-generation
This can result in a graphviz node declared like so:
231[label="This is a label"];
All nodes generated by the function have a unique identifier in the form of
a number, and its content is only defined by its label. By default, the tree
created from the graphviz code gives a tree from top to bottom with the
label not surrounded by anything. Let’s declare our whole function:
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
(defun conlanging/tree-to-dot (t-tree &optional t-current-generation t-previous-generation)
"Translates an Elisp t-tree with any number of children per node
to a corresponding graphviz file that can be executed from dot.
- `t-tree': t-tree to convert
- `t-current-generation': generation number, incremented when
changing from a node to another node from the same generation,
multiplied by 10 when going from a node to one of its children.
- `t-previous-generation': generation number from previous named
((null t-previous-generation) ;; first call
(concat "graph{graph[dpi=300];node[shape=plaintext];graph[bgcolor=\"transparent\"];"
(conlanging//declare-node (car t-tree) 0)
(conlanging/tree-to-dot (cdr t-tree) 1 0)
((null t-tree) "") ;; last call in this branch
((atom (car t-tree)) ;; '("text" () () ()) manage the label
(concat (conlanging//declare-node (car t-tree)
;; make link
(concat (number-to-string t-previous-generation) " -- "
(number-to-string t-current-generation) ";")
(conlanging/tree-to-dot (cdr t-tree)
(+ 1
(* 10 t-current-generation))
((listp (car t-tree)) ;; '(() () ()) manage the branches
(concat (conlanging/tree-to-dot (car t-tree) ;; child of current node
(conlanging/tree-to-dot (cdr t-tree)
(+ 1 t-current-generation)