My temporary StumpWM config until it becomes a literary config.
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(let ((quicklisp-init (merge-pathnames "quicklisp/setup.lisp"
(when (probe-file quicklisp-init)
(load quicklisp-init)))
;;; init
(in-package :stumpwm)
(setf *default-package* :stumpwm)
;; (set-module-dir (concatenate 'string (getenv "HOME") "/.stumpwm.d/modules"))
(set-module-dir "/usr/share/stumpwm/contrib/util/")
;; startup
(setf *startup-message* nil)
(run-shell-command "autostart")
;;; load window placement rules
(load "~/.stumpwm.d/placement.lisp")
;;; load keybindings
(load "~/.stumpwm.d/keybindings.lisp")
;;; load theme
(load "~/.stumpwm.d/theme.lisp")
;; configs
(setf *mouse-focus-policy* :click
*float-window-modifier* :META)
;;; end session module
(load-module "end-session")
;;; global windows list module
(load-module "globalwindows")
;;; Modeline
(load "~/.stumpwm.d/modeline.lisp")
(when *initializing*
(load-module "swm-ssh")
(setq swm-ssh:*swm-ssh-default-term* "kitty")
;;; alert module
(load-module "alert-me")
;;; menu for stumpwm
(load-module "app-menu")
(setq app-menu:*app-menu*
'("Emacs" "emacs"))
;;; globalwindow
(load-module "globalwindows")
(setf *startup-message* "StumpWM is ready!")